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One Laptop Per Child can change the world
Let's hope Microsoft and Intel don't put them out of business before the change takes root!
San Francisco's Neighborhoods
States and countries I've visited
BBDB-Filters 0.2
Here is an old copy of bbdb-filters-0.2 that I have; I'm placing it here in response to a request on the mailing list (send subscription requests to The contents of the .zip and .tar.gz files are the same:
% ls -R bbdb-filters-0.2
COPYING.LIB       bbdb-ccmail.el    bbdb-export.el    bbdb-passwd.el    doc/
README            bbdb-eudora.el    bbdb-hp200lx.el   bbdb-ph.el        makefile

formatted/     lgpl.tex       main.tex       main.texinfo   makefile

bbdb-filters-0.2/doc/formatted: (156K)
Escape frame
1998 Anti-Hat Party Pix
Jones Memorial United Methodist home page
Jones Memorial United Methodist at Golden Gate Ministries District site
Idea for Jones Banner
Timex Datalink Programming by John Toebes
If you own a Timex Datalink and are interested in creating your own Wristapps, this is the best site around. I'm working on Mancala for the watch :).
Timex Datalink Sound Schemes
Pigeon has several original sound schemes for the Timex Datalink.
Gathering Place Gopher Football League
Run by a friend of mine, this is an nice Fantasy Football league.
General Chow's Page
Soon to be the home of Seinfeld trivia...
Hacker's Diet Not My Badge - Awesome Diet Tools!
The Hacker's Diet Online
Citizen Skyhawk city times (1of2)
Citizen Skyhawk city times (2of2)
ResearchTriangle residence index
This page (for use from Geo file previewer)
Handy start page
GeoCities File Manager